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15/03/19 - Wendy French Reflexology visits Sony in Basingstoke

I had an AMAZING day at Sony today offering both Traditional Foot Reflexology and Facial Reflexology. Everyone left really chilled out and I received some really positive feedback.

27/02/19 - New course tomorrow!

I can't wait to take part in my Acupressure Facial Therapy course tomorrow. I love learning new skills and passing them on to my clients. Thank you all for keeping me so busy! I have increased my client base by 100% since this time last year!

03/02/19 - New Mums

There is some great advice for new mums on this website - I hope you find it useful!

02/02/19 - Competition

I am currently running a competition on Facebook for your chance to win a Neals Yard Geranium and Orange Hand Wash!
Please refer to my Wendy French Reflexology page for further details. Good luck!

27/01/19 - Maternity Reflexology

I have had a number of enquiries this week from potential clients who are trying to avoid induction by trying maternity reflexology. Please note that you need to have at least one traditional reflexology treatment before 'trying to encourage labour' so that your body gets used to reflexology. Trying to encourage labour involves more pressure so it is important to have at least one 'normal' treatment first. It is ideal to have a treatment at week 38/39 and week 40 (just after your due date) before you try and encourage labour.

18/01/19 - Reflexology at Sony

I am so excited to have been invited back to Sony in March - giving their employees a chance to enjoy Traditional Foot Reflexology or Facial Reflexology. Last time I visited them I was fully booked! Research shows that employees that are looked after by their company are more productive!

17/01/19 - Brand New Website Design

I hope you have noticed my new website design! It is mobile friendly and much easier to contact me than before!

13/01/19 - Acupressure Facial Therapy

If you suffer from stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia then please do contact me ([email protected]) and I will advise you when I have completed my course.

04/01/19 - Wow! New Course at the end of February.

I am so excited about taking part in the course from my post below (dated 02/01/19)! When I posted on Facebook last night I received so many comments from clients suffering from stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I am really looking forward to working with these new and existing clients.

02/01/19 - Acupressure Facial Therapy - New Skills!

I am so thrilled to be taking part in a one day Acupressure Facial Therapy course in London on 28th February 2019!
This course will not only focus on acupressure point work on the face but also incorporates releasing the muscular and facial structures. The skin, muscles and fascia of the face have a unique structure to allow us to express ourselves intellectually and emotional. We therefore hold a huge amount of tension and stress in our facial structure. I will learn a whole new treatment on the face, neck and shoulders. That will release tension allow emotional processing deeply relax the nervous system and promote rejuvenation of the facial structure.

This treatment works at both ends of the spectrum from deeply supporting stress and relaxing the nervous system to also having the feel of an indulgent rejuvenating treat. l will learn more about the structure of the face how to use massage and acupressure to release emotions and stress. This treatment is also very beneficial for deeply relaxing the CNS. Due to its non invasive nature and effects on the nervous system its very supportive with clients with conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

21/12/18 - Gift Vouchers

If you are looking to give your loved one a personalised gift don't forget I offer e-vouchers! I can send a voucher directly to your inbox! On receipt of your email address I can send you my bank details and on receipt of payment I will email you an e-voucher! My treatments are extremely relaxing and my clients love booking in for some 'me time!'. If you aren't keen on your feet being touched I offer a 60 mins treatment consisting of 30 mins Indian Head Massage followed by 30 mins Facial Reflexology. Bliss!!

10/12/18 - Charity!

Wendy French Reflexology has been very generous this year!

- I ran The London Marathon in April and raised £1,700 for The Pink Place
- Donated £5 each month to Cancer Research (instead of giving out Christmas cards)
- Donated 6 x Gift Vouchers in 2018 to local charities (6 x £35) to use as raffle prizes

07/12/18 - Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available from Wendy French Reflexology for a specific treatment or a value of your choice. I can send you a hard copy in the post or send you an e-voucher. Please contact me for further details.

28/11/18 - Semen/Sperm - Can be a Cause of Miscarriages/Infertility

Did you know that I work with male clients to improve their semen? Half of miscarriages are caused by poor semen - an unknown fact! While infertility is not always treatable, it can sometimes be improved with a healthy diet, supplements, reflexology and other lifestyle strategies.

Please contact me for further information on 07801 968 211,

24/11/18 - Association of Reproflexologists (ARR) - Lecture Day

What a fantastic day with the ARR practitioners with a fascinating lecture from Alpesh Doshi of IVF London and our very own Barbara Scott. I learn so much about Egg & Sperm donation and feel much more educated when it comes to helping my clients. I was also taught some hand reflexology techniques to make it easier for my fertility clients to improve their cycles in between coming for treatments.

20/11/18 - "Amazing"

Thank you so much to everyone who recommends me to their friends, work colleagues and family. I am fully booked next week!
I love the power of reflexology. When I have asked my new clients this week what they thought of the treatment they all replied 'Amazing!'.

17/11/18 - ** Special Offer **

Grab a BeautyPro Foot Peel for only £7! These are on special offer until they run out so grab a bargain while you can!
If you have an appointment booked in with me I can hold one for you or if not I can post one for an additional £1.
A practical present for that difficult person to buy for!!! Soft feet aren't just for the summer!

08/11/18 - Supporting you on your Assisted Conception Journey

I am trained to support clients who are going through assisted conception treatments e.g. ovulation induction (clients take Clomid to take for a series of days each month to stimulate egg production), IVF and ICSI. If you are booking in with me for reflexology to support your journey I do require a detailed plan of your treatment. This will ensure that I work to support your treatment to increase your chances of getting the best possible result. Your clinic will willingly give this information to you. I have supported clients on Clomid and going through IVF and ICSI treatments.

04/11/18 - Gift Vouchers

I offer gift vouchers for those looking for something special for their loved ones. The voucher is valid for 12 months. You can choose a specific treatment or a value so your loved one can choose their own treatment (an hourly treatment with me is £35). A gift voucher is a great present for someone who is looking for; reduced stress levels, improved sleep and increased well-being. Many clients who book with a voucher become regular clients! I am fully insured and passed my one year diploma with the International Institute of Reflexology (IIR). I can send out a gift voucher either directly to the recipient or to the purchaser (whichever is easier). I can also send out an e-voucher if you need a last minute gift!!

19/10/18 - Make Time for You!

We seem to be fitting so much into our lives and leave very little time to stop every so often. When we do make the time for ourselves we sleep better, feel calmer and can be more productive. When you book in for an hour of relaxation time at Wendy French Reflexology time seems to stand still! You can opt for 30 mins Indian Head Massage, 30 mins Facial Reflexology or just a whole hour of foot reflexology! If you fancy 90 mins of pampering then book yourself a 'Pure Bliss' treatment for £55.

15/10/18 - Busy Week at Wendy French Reflexology

Wow! What a busy week last week; I volunteered at The Pink Place, offered facial & foot reflexology at Sony (Basingstoke), took part in a charity Pamper Evening and had my regular clients (including a Fertility Consultation) in between!! Thank you to everyone who recommended me or booked a treatment.

30/09/18 - Fertility Reflexology

Did you know that I offer Fertility Reflexology? For further details please refer to my web page 'Fertility Reflexology' or call me on 07801 968 211.

15/09/18 - Self-Help Cards

I am delighted to offer my clients some self-help cards so they can give themselves hand reflexology in their home, work, etc to maintain their health. The cards cover the following: 'Reflexology for headaches & migraines, Reflexology to promote sleep, Reflexology to ease constipation and Reflexology for stress busting. I will ensure these are available in my treatment room if you are interested in receiving a card(s).

02/09/18 - Fertility Clients

I have daytime appointments available for brand new Fertility Clients. Please do refer to the Fertility Reflexology page for further details. If you wish to phone me rather than email please call me on 07801 968 211.

28/08/18 - September Bookings

To celebrate Wendy French Reflexology turning 6 next month I am giving every client during the month of September 3 x BeautyPro EYE THERAPY Collagen Under Eye Masks with Green Tea Extract. This intensive under eye treatment nourishes and minimises the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, under eye shadow and dryness while increasing elasticity and firmness for a youthful appearance. It is free of mineral oils, lanolin and petroleum paraben.

23/08/18 - Competition

I currently have a competition running on my Facebook page (Wendy French Reflexology) for your chance to win a 'Bee Lovely' hand wash and BeautyPro foot peel. Go go go!

15/08/18 - Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who recommends me to their friends, family and colleagues. I started Wendy French Reflexology six years ago next month and can't believe how my company has grown!

14/08/18 - Facial Reflexology

If you haven't tried it before then it is one of my most popular treatments! The Facial Reflexology lasts for 30 mins so you can opt for a 30 mins Indian Head Massage or add a 30 mins Traditional Foot Reflexology treatment. Clients are booking over and over again!! Please click here to find out more about Facial Reflexology. Any hourly treatment at Wendy French Reflexology is £35.

29/07/18 - Did you know that the NHS offer a Confident Birthing Workshop in Basingstoke?

Hampshire Hospitals Maternity Service invites you to attend a free 'Confident and Active Birthing Workshop’ to assist you to feel calm and confident during the birth process and to learn optimal positioning for labour and birth.

The two-hour antenatal classes offer you the chance to develop relaxation skills and other psychological techniques to help you to remain calm and in control. It also gives you the opportunity to try out different positions which will aid comfort in labour and aid the descent and birth of your baby. The sessions are open to you and your birth partner to attend. These sessions are held in Andover, Basingstoke, Bordon, Eastleigh and Winchester.


11/07/18 - Fertility Reflexology

If you have a friend/family member who is interested in booking a Fertility Consultation then please do get in touch. Further details can be located on my website.

30/06/18 - Pure Bliss Treatment

The Pure Bliss treatment is proving very popular! This 1 hr 30 mins treatment costing £55 can be made up with a combination of the following treatments: Facial Reflexology, Traditional Foot Reflexology and Indian Head Massage. If you prefer not to experience the Facial Reflexology or Indian Head Massage (IHM) treatment you can opt for a 1 hr Traditional Foot Reflexology and add on your 30 mins IHM or Facial Reflexology treatment.

24/06/18 - Eye Therapy - Under Eye Mask

I now stock the Eye Therapy under eye mask from BeautyPro! £5 for three masks.

Hydrogel patch formulated with anti-ageing marine based collagen, combined with Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Vitamins A & E. An intensive under eye treatment to nourish and minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, under eye shadow and dryness while increasing elasticity and firmness for a youthful appearance.

Suitable for all skin types, our under eye patches are infused with collagen and energising ingredients, cut to the shape of the under eye and ready to use.

24/06/18 - Daytime Appointments

I have a few appointments available next week. Please contact me asap to book. Thanks, Wendy

16/06/18 - Amazing Foot Peel

Did you know that you can purchase amazing professional Foot Peels from me for only £10?
Once client commented "Those foot peels are amazing! After 5/6 days the skin is literally falling off! So satisfying! Please could I order another one!!"
I can post one to you for an additional £1. Do get in touch.

04/06/18 - Treat your dad to a Fathers Day Voucher

If you are stuck for a gift for fathers day why don't you treat your dad to a Wendy French Reflexology voucher?
I can send it directly to you in the post or send you an e-voucher.
If you are looking to purchase an hourly treatment for £35 the recipient can choose from 2 of the following treatments; 30 mins Indian Head Massage, 30 mins Facial Reflexology or 30 mins Traditional Foot Reflexology.
t: 07801 968 211 or e: me:[email protected]

03/06/18 - Availability for wc. 4th June 2018

This is my availability for next week;

Monday 4th June @ 11.30am
Wednesday 6th June @ 11.30am
Thursday 7th June @ 9.30am
Friday 8th June @ 1pm

Thanks Wendy

28/05/18 - Reflexology for Pregnancy

Reflexology is a fantastic holistic therapy to enjoy during your pregnancy. I found when I was pregnant that I wanted a relaxing treatment but couldn't lay flat for a facial and didn't want my bump touched. I enjoyed the benefits of reflexology with both my pregnancies and loved every minute of it. You need to have at least one traditional foot reflexology treatment (2 treatments are ideal) prior to trying to 'get things going'. Are are specific reflexes to work to try to bring on labour. It works for some people and not for others.

13/05/18 - Create some 'Me' time for you

Life can be busy and sometimes you need to make some time for you. When you are calm everyone around you is calmer too!
When you book a treatment with Wendy French Reflexology time appears to stay still.
Please contact me on: 07801 968 211 / [email protected]

02/05/18 - Appointments Available Next Week

I have the following appointments available next week. Please call me on 07801 968 211 to book in.

Tuesday 8th May @ 9.30am
Tuesday 8th May @ 11am
Tuesday 8th May @ 1pm

29/04/18 - Types of Treatments Available

If you haven't experienced reflexology before then you are in for a treat! My clients can't believe how relaxing the treatments are and how well they sleep that night!
People come to me for very different reasons: to help them conceive, bring on labour, relaxation, to sleep better ........... and the list goes on.
For further details please contact me (Wendy) on 07801 968 211.

24/04/18 - The Virgin Money London Marathon 2018

I am so excited to share with you that I completed the Virgin Money London Marathon 2018 on Sunday! It was extremely hot but I managed to finish and raised a total of £1,700 for The Pink Place in Basingstoke (a charity that supports men and women with cancer). I also volunteer there so can see how the money is used first hand! Thank you to all my clients who sponsored me - you were more than generous!!!

14/04/18 - New Couch

My clients have been trying out my new couch and they love it! The super soft fleecy lining and warm blanket are a definite winner! Some clients haven't wanted to leave!

08/04/18 - Brand New Luxurious Couch

I have purchased a brand new luxurious couch for my treatment room. It is much more adaptable for my clients - including my pregnant clients who now have the choice to sit up in various positions. The couch is already super comfortable but I have invested in a fleece lining to make it extra comfortable and warm. Of course I always place a blanket on my clients as well which is why so many of my clients drift off during their treatment. They leave my room calmer and more focused.

02/04/18 - Fertility Consultations

I am currently taking bookings for Fertility Consultations from May 2018 onwards. During the consultation which lasts 90 mins (and includes a treatment) we discuss temperature charting, lifestyle, your fertility history, diet and many other factors which enable me to gain an insight into your 'journey' to date. For further details please refer to my Fertility Reflexology page.

27/03/18 - 'Head to Toe' treatment

If you fancy some 'me' time then book yourself in for an hours' treatment which includes 30 mins Facial Reflexology (using Neal's Yard Rose Facial Oil) and 30 mins Foot Reflexology! Completing your form in advance ensures you receive your whole hour of relaxation!
A one hour treatment is £35. Please contact me for further details.

23/03/18 - Parking

If there is space on my drive at 8 Meadow Road then please feel free to park there and walk up Kathleen Close to my treatment room (all these details are contained in your confirmation email).

16/02/18 - Fertility Clients

It is so wonderful to meet some new clients this week for their Fertility Consultations. If you are have difficulty conceiving and wish to discuss your individual journey then please don't hesitate to contact me on 07801 968 211.

02/02/18 - 'Word of Mouth'

Thank you so much to everyone who has recommended Wendy French Reflexology to friends, family and colleagues!
I have received 5 new enquiries in the last 4 days just through word of mouth!

23/01/18 - Appointments Available wc. Monday 29th January 2018

Here is a list of my appointments available next week.

Tuesday 30th January @ Noon
Tuesday 30th January @ 1.30pm
Thursday 1st February @ 11am
Thursday 1st February @ 1.30pm
Friday 2nd February @ 11.30am

If you wish to book in then please don't hesitate to contact me.


20/01/18 - January is Full of Babies!

Wow! We are only on 20th January and so far this year 3 clients have confirmed their pregnancy and a maternity client has given birth! Such an exciting time. There are 4 more reproflexology clients due this year!

15/01/18 - Trying to Get Pregnant?

Due to a number of my fertility clients getting pregnant I am looking for new clients who are trying to get pregnant. It might be that you have been trying for a few months and getting despondent, been diagnosed with 'unexplained infertility' or would like to get your body 'ready' for conception. Please refer to my 'Fertility Reflexology' web page for further details.

05/01/18 - Bumps

It is so lovely to see lots of 'bumps' in January! Clients are booking in either for a total relax before the birth or to 'try and get things going!' Please refer to my 'Maternity Reflexology' page for further details. It is ideal to have a treatment at 36 weeks, then 38 weeks and more regularly as the birth gets nearer.

05/01/18 - January Appointments

January is getting very busy! If you wish to book in then please do get in touch! My 30 mins Facial Reflexology treatment with 30 mins Foot Reflexology is proving very popular!

04/01/18 - A Gift for my Clients in January!

Happy New Year to all my current and future clients! As a thank you I have a gift for EACH of my clients* in January! A bottle of Body Lotion worth £10!!

* Limited to one gift per client. Fragrance may vary to image shown.

18/12/17 - Fertility Clients

Several clients have recently fallen pregnant with me so I have some daytime appointments available. If you have 'unexplained fertility' or wish to discuss your individual fertility journey then please do not hesitate to contact me.

3/12/17 - Gift Voucher from Wendy French Reflexology

If you are stuck with gift ideas for a loved one then why don't you give them a Wendy French Reflexology Gift Voucher? My treatments are deeply relaxing and my clients leave my room feeling more relaxed, clearer and calmer. To purchase a gift voucher all I need is your email address to send you all the details you need. I post it out free of charge. If you urgently need a gift voucher then I can email one to you to send on to your friend/loved one.

25/11/17 - Products Available

Did you know that you can purchase products from Wendy French Reflexology? I sell Epsom Salts, CCS Foot Cream and Fantastic Foot Peels! You can purchase them directly from me after your treatment! All of these products will make you feel good!

29/10/17 - Busy, Busy, Busy! ..........

Sorry I have been so quiet on my news page but I have been so busy with new and existing clients. A couple of my clients have fallen pregnant recently which is more than exciting!!! It is crazy to think that reproflexology (reflexology for fertility) can be life changing! I have daytime appointments for any new fertility clients who wish to book in with me. Further details are available on the Fertility Reflexology page on my website.

23/09/17 - Alternative Treatments

If you aren't keen on having your feet touched I do offer an alternative treatment. A treatment consisting of a 30 mins Indian Head Massage followed by a 30 mins Facial Reflexology treatment! It is very rare for clients not to fall asleep during the facial reflexology part of the treatment. You are wrapped up in a warm blanket and lie right back - bliss!!!

16/09/17 - Daytime Appointments

I have some daytime appointments available next week. Please contact me to book in!

29/08/17 - 100% Organic Epsom Salts - Now available to purchase from Wendy French Reflexology

I am delighted to be selling 100% Organic Epsom Salts! Each pack is only £1! (enough for one bath).
So many benefits; relieves muscle tension, pain and inflammation in the joints. Helps to alleviate tension headaches and abdominal cramps.
Tired and sore feet will also benefit! Make some time for yourself! Available to purchase directly from Wendy French Reflexology.

16/08/17 - Daytime Appointments

I have the following appointments available next week:

Tuesday 22nd August - 9.30am, 11am, 12.30pm and 5pm.

Please contact me asap to book in. Thanks.

26/07/17 - Three Generations

It is such a compliment when three generations of the same family book in for reflexology! It is so wonderful that the whole family get to enjoy this complimentary therapy.

22/07/17 - Inspired Candles

Wow! My room smells amazing thanks to the candles created by Lisa at Inspired Candles. They are so good I have just ordered another one!

12/07/17 - Amazing Feedback!

Thank you Jacqueline for your amazing feedback which I received straight after her treatment!

"I had never had reflexology before but I had a wonderful session can't wait till have another. Lovely lady makes you feel really relaxed. If I could afford a session every day I would. Thank you so much."

05/07/17 - Daytime Appointments

I do have some daytime appointments next week (wc. 10th July). Please do contact me if you would like to book in prior to the summer holidays!

01/07/17 - Surge in Maternity Clients

Wow! I have had a recent surge in pregnant clients who are looking at reflexology to 'get things going!'

Such an exciting time for these beautiful mums to be.

20/06/17 - The Pink Place

It was so rewarding to volunteer at The Pink Place in Basingstoke town centre. I received some wonderful feedback after yesterdays session which has made my day! .............. "Thank you so much for all your help today, you were brilliant." If you have any friends (either male or female) who have Cancer please do refer them on to The Pink Place or The Blue Space.

04/06/17 - Maternity Reflexology

I trained in Maternity Reflexology with the amazing Sally Earlam in London. The course has enabled me to work safely and confidently with my pregnant clients. You will find the treatment very relaxing and I work with the symptoms you are experiencing to try and make life a bit easier for you before your little one arrives. I have found that my pregnant clients who start with monthly treatments followed by weekly treatments benefit the most. The following quotation features some amazing feedback from one of my pregnant clients:

"I can't recommend Wendy French Reflexology enough. Mums and mums to be, treat yourselves. I'm convinced the treatments have contributed to a more relaxed pregnancy, straightforward labour and a super calm little person."

30/05/17 - Advanced Facial Reflexology Course

Only 12 days until I take part in the Advanced Facial Reflexology Course in London! My clients are living this treatment! Please refer to the Facial Reflexology Web page for further details!

19/05/17 - Word of Mouth

Thank you to everyone who recommends me to their colleagues, friends and family. I really appreciate it and this is how my company grows.

14/06/17 - Evening Appointments

For the first time ever I have closed my evening appointments to new clients. This is simply to ensure that my existing clients can book in for their regular appointments.

05/05/17 - Advanced Facial Reflexology Course in London

In June 2017 I will be taking part in the Advanced Facial Reflexology course with Ziggie Bergman in London. I am so excited to be adding additional reflexes to my existing routine! Please refer to my page 'Facial Reflexology' for additional information or contact me on 07801 968 211.

18/04/17 - Fertility Consultations

I have some daytime appointments available for couples who are having problems conceiving. Please refer to page 'Fertility Reflexology' for further details.

12/04/17 - Maternity Clients

It is so exciting to see a sharp rise in maternity clients. It is ideal to book in when you are 36 weeks pregnant (so contact me around week 34) and experience two reflexology treatments prior to 'getting things going'. There are specific reflexes to work to try and encourage labour! From my personal experience I have found that clients who book in regularly with me throughout their pregnancy have more positive birth experiences. Please do contact me for further details. I work with many clients throughout their whole pregnancy trying to aliviate common symptoms.

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