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Maternity Reflexology

When I was pregnant I really wanted a really relaxing treatment but being pregnant made me very nervous. It was actually during my first pregnancy that I discovered reflexology and the amazing benefits it brought me! It is very exciting when a fertility reflexology client stays with me for their maternity journey and I get to experience a journey from conception to birth.

I trained in Maternity Reflexology with the amazing Sally Earlam in London. The course has enabled me to work safely and confidently with my pregnant clients.

You will find the treatment very relaxing and I work with the symptoms you are experiencing to try and make life a bit easier for you before your little one arrives. I have found that my pregnant clients who start with monthly treatments followed by weekly treatments benefit the most.

Please note that I am very flexible with my maternity clients when it comes to booking an appointment nearer to their due date. If you have booked an appointment and go into labour then there is of course no charge even if it is a very late cancellation.

I have received some amazing feedback from my pregnant clients:

"I can't recommend Wendy French Reflexology enough. Mums and mums to be, treat yourselves. I'm convinced the treatments have contributed to a more relaxed pregnancy, straightforward labour and a super calm little person."

"I had two sessions towards the end of my pregnancy and cannot recommend Wendy enough! It was so relaxing and really helped with the swelling in my feet and hands. During the second session Wendy worked on getting things moving for labour and sure enough 3 days later on my due date I went into labour! "

I adjust my couch (the back of the couch needs to be at least 45 degrees for my maternity clients) to ensure they are comfortable. A glass of water and blanket is always available.

I recommend the website 'NorthHants Mum' to all my pregnant clients - a fantastic source of information for all parents!

Many of my clients ask me to recommend somewhere where they can learn about Hypnobirthing. I am delighted to recommend 'Hypnobirthing Hampshire'. As stated on their website 'Hypnobirthing® is much more than just self hypnosis or hypnotherapy for childbirth, the information you receive will help you to manage your labour and the birth of your baby in a peaceful, calm and confident way, enabling you to experience the stress-free birthday you, your partner and your baby deserve.' I have clients who have used their services and they can't speak highly enough about Sue Walker who offers this amazing service.

I also recommend the Confident Birthing Workshop which many of my clients highly recommend! There are plenty of dates to choose from too. Early on in your pregnancy you may wish to refer to 'The Pregnancy Book' which you can download via the NorthHants Mum website page.

Group B Strep - for more information please refer to this website. If you have never heard of it Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is a normal bacterium which is carried by 20-40% of adults, most commonly in the gut, and for up to 25% of women, in the vagina, usually without symptoms or side-effects. GBS can occasionally cause infection, most commonly in newborn babies, sometimes in adults and, very rarely, during pregnancy and before labour. The ideal time to be tested is between weeks 35-37.

Please do contact me if you are looking for a maternity reflexologist in Basingstoke.

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