Indian Head Massage. Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

People enjoy being massaged and they know the benefits, joy and relaxation it can bring. The physical and mental stress that accumulates each day can cause weakness in the nerves and impairs circulation of the vital life fluids to the brain causing tension, disease, depression and headaches. The skull feels tight and heavy and the brain cannot function properly.

I work all around your head including your hair - my clients find this extremely relaxing!

Please note:
1) I don't use oils as it wasn't included in my training.
2) You will lie down on my couch (face down) during the session - your arms will be well supported.
3) It would be helpful if you could remove earrings and necklaces etc prior to the treatment.
4) Please ensure you drink plenty of water after your session due to the detoxifying effect.

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