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08/10/16 - Next Week

I have some daytime appointments available next week (wc. 10th October 2016). If you would like to book a treatment then please do get in touch with me.

10/02/16 - Amazing Feedback!

Wow! I have received some amazing feedback from my clients this week including a client who is 37 weeks pregnant who has been struggling with back, hip and pelvis pain and the day after visiting me she felt amazing! Another from a client who said that she can guarantee she will sleep well after her evening appointment with me! Thank you everyone for your amazing comments!

08/02/2016 - This is the first entry in my blog!

In March 2016 I am taking part in a 'Mindful Reflexology' course by Sally Earlam to support my clients suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. Reflexology has been shown to aid relaxation and improve wellbeing. This course will give me extra techniques and sequences that can be used to help support the body systems in these difficult times. A number of my regular clients are looking forward to me putting these new techniques into practice!

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